There really is not one explanation for why every single woman wants to have sex with black men.


However, interracial sex involving black men is a noticeable social phenomenon that has piqued the interests of researchers and onlookers alike says London Escorts. This trend is even demonstrated in the adult film industry, with interracial porn being one of the top categories. This is particularly noticed among white women, and the reasons are believed to be more subconscious.

For starters, some women just happen to find black men more attractive than white men, especially blonde men. But that is just the surface, what lies below the surface is being unpacked here says London Escorts. For one thing, the color black has been associated with something dirty while the color white is associated with cleanliness and purity. White women subconsciously have the desire to have taboo sex with black men because it’s somehow perceived as, although obviously not truly, dirty. The white race is supposed to be a “pure” race that should not be contaminated with, but some women want to stage a protest. This is rooted in centuries of racism and oppression, and something that we should constantly question.

Two, black men are built for athletic activities such as track and basketball says London Escorts. Black men are seen as more physically imposing than white men, and more agile, so women have the underlying desire to be conquered and submissive to something more powerful than they are.

Three, there are certain stereotypes about black men that pique a woman’s interest. The most popular stereotype about black men is the size of their genitalia. Some women want to know if it’s true, and they flock.

Four, there are positive stereotypes about black men that turn heads. In addition to excelling in sports, black men are believed to be more superior dancers. Women love to dance for the underlying association with sex. If he can dance, he must be good in bed, right? It’s about rhythm. Also, black men seem to be better flirts than their awkward, white male counterparts says London Escorts. Black men are smoother and more cool, enabling them to take advantage of a woman’s desire to be wooed and romanced.

Five, some women just happen to find black men to be better looking. Black men look like they have smooth skin, women wonder how it feels to be skin-to-skin with a smooth, black man all night. The bottom line is that a tall, physically imposing, black man is seen as something as out of this world that women desire to experiment with. The negative and positive stereotypes have some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that black men are more sexually attractive and are more likely to get laid. The disadvantages are that black men are more likely to be seen as experiments and nothing more. However, there is hope with the fact that some interracial sexual encounters have led to something more.

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